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Promote a job for 30 days
Pin your job to to the top of the board and each search the job appears in (i.e. Customer Success jobs).
On average, 5x increase in clicks compared to non-featured jobs
Report on traffic to your job ad after 30 days

How it works

If your jobs are not already being posted automatically to the job board, we set you up for free.

Once you are set up and your jobs are appearing, we manually "Feature" the job for 30 days.

We send you a traffic report at the end of the Feature period.

Who uses My Startup Gig?

Our 3 projects - the Job Board, Getting a Job Guide, and Top Startup Employers report, established us as the central voice for startup jobs in Australia.

As the voice of startup jobs, My Startup Gig is shared by VCs, career programs, universities, and recruiters across Australia.

Our user base are people who either work in startups, or have made the decision to transition to their first startup role. Our demographic is broad - from early to late career,  across all job functions, across Australia.

Getting started


Set up on the job board
After paying the $49 fee, we get you set up on the My Startup Gig job board if you are not already. Skip this step if you're already on the platform.

We will reach out to the email provided when you purchase the ad. We'll ask for the company name, logo, social links and the link to your jobs page (this can be either a careers page or LinkedIn).

You will also choose a company admin(s) - who can make changes on the company's behalf on the job board. For example, if you want to change the company name, description or logo.


Wait 4 business days
If you are not yet set up on the platform, we need a few days to get everything sorted. Skip this step if you're already on the platform.


Job is featured
We "Feature" the job for 30 days. The job will appear towards the top of all searches it appears in.


Traffic report
At the end of the Feature period, we provide you with a traffic report.
For all enquiries, contact hello@mystartupgig.com
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